What makes me different?

Hi, I am Maria Cristina!

A passionate and lively millennial, wife, mom of a newborn and unapologetic dreamer.  

I serve people through the energy of growth that I inherited from my mother, and the love of creating memorable experiences that I inherited from my father.

After 8 years of supporting brands to grow and become visible in the digital world, I decided that I want to do the same for people. 

While consulting on personal branding, I discovered the power of human minds,  thinking patterns, values, energy so I decided to dedicate myself to support people to achieve success and growth.

In 2018 I became a certified coach focused to understand the world through the lenses of the Universal Laws so I can accompany people and organizations to live magnetic lives, full of prosperity, aligned with your mission and inspired to grow their genius in the world.

 I supported human and organizational growth as an Adult Learning Expert and Leader, Business and Innovation Coach and Business Trainer, connecting the dots of my cross-functional experience into complex programs that support individuals and teams to grow.

Since 2022 as I started to have over 60% of my living costs supported by passive income,  I started Magnetic Living, a coaching company focused on supporting entreprenors, solo-preneurs and individuals to get to their next prosperity level. I support them to grow their financial worth, through smart money management, investments and the most important of all an ABUNDANCE MONEY MINDSET with the power of Universal  Laws and Demartini Method. 

My experience can be summarized as follows:

– 8 years working on various marketing roles for TOP Multinational companies such as Loreal, IBM, Herbalife
– 6 years of working as a Organizational Learning Leader and Executive Coach for TOP Multinational Companies- IBM, MSD
– Certified as a coach by Metasysteme Coaching School (France), with MCC Alain Cardon in 2018
– Certified as Demartini Facilitator with John Demartini (UK) in 2022

Other coaching certifications: Demartini Certified Facilitator (2022), Certified Holistic Financial Coach (2021), Associate Certified Coach (2020), Certified Executive Coach (2020), Professional Scrum Master (2019), Success Skills Senior Facilitator (2019), Design Thinking Facilitator (2019


“My mission is to accompany 1 million entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and professionals to achieve financial freedom, accomplish their life mission and live a magnetic life!