Level-up Coaching

coaching sistemic
In what specific area of your life would you like to Level Up?

This coaching sistemic process starts with the client’s desire to achieve a higher goal and to step up his/her game and it ends with a 360 ֯ life transformation.

Systemic & Universal Law Method Coaching: What to expect from a Level-up coaching?

This 1 to 1 process contains a complex approach that is created for anyone who looks for growth and performance, either personally or professionally. Each session lasts 60 minutes and it is composed of 50% coaching interaction, 30% consultancy and mentoring and 10% contact facilitation.

Systemic Coaching - Phases

Each Level-Up process of coaching sistemic is designed and co-created based on the clients’ seniority, needs and outcome, and it contains 4 important cyclic phases:

1. Define and clarify your purpose and goals and build a strategy in line with your values and motivational system

2. Identify and work with your limiting beliefs, challenge unhealthy behavioral patterns and understand what you need to change in your system in order to overcome obstacles and advance towards the next Level

3. Take action and experiment. Be BRAVE enough to GET OUT of your bubble and show yourself and your gifts to the world

4. Learn from both positive and negative experiences and improve yourself and your process until you achieve your desired outcome.

Level-Up Coaching

Working with Demartini method to support entrepreneurs to balance their perception on life and business so they can increase the value they offer in the world while they become  wealthy and  enjoy their life!

Having access and references in the right networks, being able to interact directly with people who already succeeded and who are open to share their experience with you or access business and career opportunities through the right people is - PRICELESS .

My previous professional experiences offered me the opportunity to work with top corporations worldwide (L Oreal, IBM, PWC, MSD). Thanks to this global network, I am 1 click away from inspiring and successful people and you will have access to the contacts you need in order to make your business flourish.