Systemic Coaching

is the coaching method I use as it has worldwide proven success in untapping HUGE potential.

Alain Cardon is one of my mentors, and the one that set the bases of Systemic Coaching. Alain has developed a direct, confronting and empowering coaching approach which may be defined as a blend of brief, systemic, creative, and breakthrough posture and techniques. 

Unlike a regular, life coaching session, systemic coaching comes with a new approach, where the client (whether individual or group) is seen as a unique, complex system – this means that instead on focusing only on a specific part/area of the life (ex. investitie și profit), systemic coaching is actually connecting the dots, leading to outstanding breakthroughs.

Once we learn how to navigate within one’s own system, we understand the links and the interdependence of the elements and we open up to countless possibilities and actions that wouldn’t even occur in a different setting.

Alain Cardon, MCC- What is systemic coaching?
Investitie și profit

What happens in 1 to 1 sessions?

● Get clarity on your purpose, values and break it down into achievable outcomes
● Transform all non-performant behaviors in performant ones
● Manage positive and negative emotions to build abundance
● Start to act, and postpone the postponement
● Understand yourself from a systemic perspective

Investitie și profit

Team/ Organizational Coaching

● Within 3-5 days, systemic organizational coaching can rapidly and effectively create a performance-oriented conspiration among the key players of your company.
● Organization coaching can also serve to better orchestrate and follow up on all an organization's strategic and operational meetings, within a company-wide comprehensive systemic framework.
● Team coaching is a great tool to increase both the individual and collective performance, by understanding and playing with the dynamic of the group and the role of each individual
● A better internal communication and organization that will provide a proper space for creativity, innovation and results within your organization/group/team
Investitie și profit

Entrepreneurial Coaching

● I accompany start-up founders in the process of scaling their business –either at an early-stage of the investment process or in a post-investment stage
● Bringing clarity while building the organizational and management strategies that are needed, establishing a concrete action plan
● Address specific objectives and issues as employees recruitment, development plans and agility metric systems