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After 20 days of intensive work with me you will:

My story

Few years ago, after passing through a divorce, I started to become more aware of my financial situation. I started to get educated on this topic, still I had a hard time to take action.
- As I had no one to rely on, I lost money in the first year doing some very common mistakes that I want you to avoid. - After starting to work 1:1 with a coach on my relationship with money and get certified financial consuling.

- I earned 25K euro from passive incomes and smart financial decisions in two years, even during Covid Pandemic.

What about your relationship with money? Is it a love or a hate relationship?

Ta independență financiară: Once I dived into the field of financial education, I learned how to alchemize fear into action and how to take investment decisions and manage my money in a healthy and productive manner.

The holistic approach is the one making the difference. We function as systems and interdependent elements, so understanding the underlying principles and causes allow us take targeted actions.

Independență financiară
Investitie și profit
Independență financiară
Within 12 coaching sessions of 1h and a half we will: