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Signature programs

Business & Career Level-up PROGRAM - Coaching + Mentoring + Contacts Facilitation

• Create your “Leveled- up ” vision, goals and strategy for your business or career
• Plan and implement your strategy in 12 weeks
• Connect with the right people you need to accelerate your business growth

Holistic Financial Coaching PROGRAM

• Level-up your relationship with money
• Transform your limiting beliefs about money and self-worth
• Develop a strategy towards financial freedom
• Learn how to create or improve your financial plan


What are my clients saying?

Head of Digital Marketing at Lucozade Ribena Suntory Head of Digital Marketing at Lucozade Ribena Suntory

“I reached out to MC when making a career change. My new position was a leadership role, focused on leading a large team of experts. The team needed a turn around plan. MC helped me think about the processes, ways of working and strategic gaps in capabilities. With her help I was able to step into my new role with confidence and clarity. MC is great at asking the right questions, forcing you to challenge your own assumptions and consider things from a different perspective. Her natural inclination is to probe, dig deep and then expand into the bigger picture- this allows you to find the answers to the most challenging of issues. She’s a calm voice in the midst of a storm” S.W J

R.C - Medical Leader Medical Leader

I managed to level-up my business in three years, and coaching with MC was a key ingredient in the process

R A - Fashion Entrepreneur R A - Fashion Entrepreneur

Changing perspectives on the situation. It is so powerful. Growth is great, but not always easy. Working with MC helped me discover myself better and also build and connect to the core of my professional brand.

M.S - Business Owner Castellani Foods M.S - Business Owner Castellani Foods

Coaching helped me transform my fear of success into fuel to succeed

A.D - Digital Entrepreneur A.D - Digital Entrepreneur

The game changer in my business was improving my relationship with money. I recommend MC as a great coach, who knows how to take you out from your comfort zone to grow, in a compassionate and supportive way

E.A. - psychologist, dance therapist, coach E.A. - psychologist, dance therapist, coach

I recently embarked into this journey. MC is creating me the space and is guiding me towards prosperity and abundance. In the first two sessions we already covered multiple important aspects that gave me clarity and courage to take my relationship with money to the next level. It's not a regular coaching session - it is a complex process that offers me the understanding, awareness and tools I need to DARE and to achieve those big and scary dreams

    Level up your income and take the seat you deserve