31 Oct

Two killer questions to scare your fears away!

My dear friends,

I am not a huge fan of Halloween  but  I would dress-up in any kind of scary dead countess  just to scare the fears away from my life.

So, this Halloween let’s all do this! Let’s scare the fears away and start living a peaceful and happy life.

If monsters and witches can be sometimes funny,  fear is always debilitating.

Especially when it holds you back from doing those important things that you know, in your heart, must be done. Those things that would really make an impact on your life.

All of us, no matter how experienced we may be, have fears that can hold us back. So let’s scare them away through asking ourselves two simple questions: 

  1. What I am truly afraid of?
  2. What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Trust me, even the most resistant fear is scared of these two questions!

So put up that Halloween mask on your brain and send the fears far away from your life, career and business!

If you need more help with that, this video will help you!



Cristina Maria Banu

Daca ar fi sa ma descriu intr-un singur cuvant, as spune ca sunt o persoana norocoasa. Si asta pentru ca mi-am transformat visul intr-un job.

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