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20 Oct

Don’t fear REJECTION. Fear REGRET.

I decided to start writing my posts in English  so my non-Romanian speakers friends can also read them:)) I am not an English native, so I avoided to do this for a long time, fearing that it might not be so fluent and nice.. But I know that you are kind and understanding reader and you will not judge me as long as you find my ideas interesting :) Plus this is one of the actions I take to overcome my Fear of Rejection- which is by the way  the topic you are about to read below:) Today's post it's inspired from a clients'  question that came across yesterday in our business coaching session - How to overcome from a painful rejection and put yourself...
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15 Mai

Semi-maratonul: exercitiu de business si dezvoltare personala

Experienta primului semi-maraton a fost - COMPLETA si Complexa. A fost o lectie de viata si business care mi-a oferit invataminte despre: perseverenta, rigoare, spirit de echipa, implicare, durere, ritm, strategie si depasirea barierelor. Desi nu a fost tot timpul usor, bucuria de a-mi  depasi LIMITELE si TARGETELE este cea mai mare recompensa. Am depasit toate limitele si targetele. Am strans 2360 de lei (target 2100) pentru Hospice Casa Sperantei. Am scos un timp mai bun decat planificasem - 2 ore si 8 minute, in loc de 2 ore si 15 minute. Mi-am convins doi prieteni sa participe alaturi de mine in Team Hospice si  le-a placut atat de tare incat vor alerga la  Iron Man Venice :))) Pot afirma cu tarie ca semi-maratonul este...
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