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Networking for introverts

Maybe you won’t believe this but I am an introvert person:) And because of this, every time I attend an event, conference or party, I feel a bit overwhelmed with having to connect with other people at first sight.




But, – as networking is gold – I discovered three simple tricks that helped me overcome my introvert personality ­čÖé

And I can tell you that they really made a huge difference for me. Not only that I feel great to meet and speak to new people, but I also made some great contacts with whom I ended up building friendships and business partnerships.

So, these three tips are:

  1. Don’t fake it till you make it- Accept it!

Yes. I am speaking about that horrible feeling of being nervous, exposed and completely uncomfortable. I have it every time I hit the entrance of a new event;) But instead of trying to mask it (or make it disappear with a shot), I accept it.

How? By understanding that I am not alone. Actually, everybody feels this:) So, you are safe, if your emotions are visible. And in the end, it’s better to appear vulnerable and authentic, than over friendly, loud or arrogant.

PsBattle: Open Hands Stock Image

One posture trick that I always use: Keep your posture straight and keep your hands open. It may feel awkward at the beginning but it will help you to communicate with the environment and integrate.

2. A deep connection beats a fist full of business cards any day.
If you are attending social events specifically to make new contacts please don’t act like the promoters who are spreading pizza flyers on the street. I know it seems hard to start and maintain interesting conversations with a stranger. Buut… you have to do it!

So, make a little research and plan your encounter!

Before each even, I check the guest list. Then, I find the contacts who are relevant to my business and I make some research about them (using social media). Then I point the win win elements for both of us and I know exactly how to conduct the conversation.

As you may know, one of the fears that introverts has is fear of unexpected! So, prepare, prepare and prepare.

  • Be nice:)

Sounds simple, right? Not for everyone:) When you are shy, you may appear as an arrogant. Make sure that even if you feel uncomfortable, you keep that friendly smile 🙂 I know you can!

So, as it’s Sat night- you can start to apply these simple tricks! You can of course adapt them to non business situations!

Don’t let your shyness to keep you away from great opportunities! You are in charge of your success and relationships!

Have a great night!



Cristina Maria Banu

Daca ar fi sa ma descriu intr-un singur cuvant, as spune ca sunt o persoana norocoasa. Si asta pentru ca mi-am transformat visul intr-un job.

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