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Author: Cristina Maria Banu

28 Feb

Pe sistem… am zis

Nu stiu daca cei care compun  manelele s-au gandit la acest aspect atunci cand au lansat binecunoscuta expresie "Pe sistem".  Dar daca da, atunci cred ca ar trebui sa imi actualizez play-list-ul ca sa invat de la cei mai buni. Experienta m-a invatat ca tot ceea ce se intampla in viata noastra este "Pe Sistem" sau Sistemic. Adica tot ceea ce facem, este legat de mediul in care traim si mediul in care traim reflecta tot ceea ce  facem. Ne alegem relatiile, jobul, partenerul in functie de pattern-urile noastre predominante. Asta pentru ca alegem inconstient sa ramanem in zona de confort si  sa traim experiente care sa ne valideze pattern-urile. Daca ne-am schimba focusul de la continut (adica de la ceea ce facem )...
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16 Feb

Cum sa primesti ceea ce iti doresti intr-o relatie?

Cand vorbim despre relatii vorbim despre ceea ce primim vs. ceea ce oferim, sau mai exact ceea ce asteptam si ceea ce putem oferi. Ce inseamna asta? Inseamna ca interactionam cu o persoana pentru a ne indeplini o nevoie. De multe ori insa, nu suntem constienti de acest lucru si ne lasam pacaliti de emotii. Credem ca relatiile se bazeaza doar pe sentimente si ca dorinta noastra este cea care ne indreptateste sa primim. Cere si ti se va da...
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30 Dec

Femeie, ai incredere!

Am citit astazi un super articol al Andrei Zelinski, sau asa cum probabil o stiti Articolul se numeste "Curaj Femeie Singura". Este vorba despre trairile unei femei singure si dorinta ei arzatoare de a avea o relatie. Ca sa va faceti o idee: Nu, nu sugerez să aștepți, mai rau, sugerez să ai răbdare. Să ai răbdare nu înseamnă sa aștepți bătând cu pixul în masă, timpul nu va trece mai repede,[...
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29 Dec

[RE]Creative Workout Tips to keep you going in the Winter Season

Winter holidays are the perfect excusse to make us give into food tempation and give up our sport routine. The dark weather, cold tempetures and food festines are just a couple of the reasons why we use to take a break from our rut. And, the worst part..we continue the break in January also. But why is SO important to keep up to work out? While days get shorter, carb cravings get wilder. Judith Wurtman, PhD, a former scientist at MIT and co-author of The Serotonin PowerDiet found that during winter it's likely to consume extra 800 calories a day due to these cravings for carbohydrates. Another study from the University of Colorado found that ATLPL - a chemical that promotes fat storage, over summer...
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29 Noi

Berea din avion- lectia Daruirii

Pe la jumatatea zborului de la Bucuresti la Barcelona, mi s-a facut pofta de o bere. ( ciudat pentru ca nu-mi place berea in general). Numai bine, ca le si vad pe stweardese cum vin cu carucioarele "bar". Cer o bere si cand ma uit in portofel 😣😣 doar 12 lei cash..fata de 22 cat era berea. Resemnata, ii spun fetei ca nu am suficienti bani. Peste nici un minut fata imi aduce berea. Imi spune ca domnul din dreapta a auzit conversatia si mi-a dat 10 lei. Am ramas uimita. Socata chiar. I-am multumit si mi-a zambit :) Dupa care mi-am dat seama ca ma simteam cumva vinovata. De fapt datoare. Simteam nevoia sa ma duc sa ii dau ceva in schimb- dar...
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25 Noi

Networking for introverts

Maybe you won't believe this but I am an introvert person:) And because of this, every time I attend an event, conference or party, I feel a bit overwhelmed with having to connect with other people at first sight. 🎉 😳 🎉 But, - as networking is gold - I discovered three simple tricks that helped me overcome my introvert personality :) And I can tell you that they really made a huge difference for me. Not only that I feel great to meet and speak to new people, but I also made some great contacts with whom I ended up building friendships and business partnerships. So, these three tips are: Don't fake it till you make it- Accept it! Yes. I am speaking about...
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31 Oct

Two killer questions to scare your fears away!

My dear friends, I am not a huge fan of Halloween  but  I would dress-up in any kind of scary dead countess  just to scare the fears away from my life. So, this Halloween let's all do this! Let's scare the fears away and start living a peaceful and happy life. If monsters and witches can be sometimes funny,  fear is always debilitating. Especially when it holds you back from doing those important things that you know, in your heart, must be done. Those things that would really make an impact on your life. All of us, no matter how experienced we may be, have fears that can hold us back. So let's scare them away through asking ourselves two simple questions:  What I am...
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20 Oct

Don’t fear REJECTION. Fear REGRET.

I decided to start writing my posts in English  so my non-Romanian speakers friends can also read them:)) I am not an English native, so I avoided to do this for a long time, fearing that it might not be so fluent and nice.. But I know that you are kind and understanding reader and you will not judge me as long as you find my ideas interesting :) Plus this is one of the actions I take to overcome my Fear of Rejection- which is by the way  the topic you are about to read below:) Today's post it's inspired from a clients'  question that came across yesterday in our business coaching session - How to overcome from a painful rejection and put yourself...
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