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decembrie 2017

29 Dec

[RE]Creative Workout Tips to keep you going in the Winter Season

Winter holidays are the perfect excusse to make us give into food tempation and give up our sport routine. The dark weather, cold tempetures and food festines are just a couple of the reasons why we use to take a break from our rut. And, the worst part..we continue the break in January also. But why is SO important to keep up to work out? While days get shorter, carb cravings get wilder. Judith Wurtman, PhD, a former scientist at MIT and co-author of The Serotonin PowerDiet found that during winter it's likely to consume extra 800 calories a day due to these cravings for carbohydrates. Another study from the University of Colorado found that ATLPL - a chemical that promotes fat storage, over summer...
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